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Daniel W. Pierson - Realtor

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Talk/Text: (916) 833-2686

A Bit About Myself...

With a background in Construction, Personal Home-ownership, as well as Investment Property Ownership and Management, I enjoy being the resource where my clients can come and feel confident that they are receiving reliable information based on facts, personal experience, and honest heartfelt opinions, never financially driven.

The last thing I want to do is “sell” you something, as ironically, I don’t care much for salespeople. I don’t believe in “overcoming objections” or convincing anyone of anything.

If you have a genuine interest in the housing market, and want to sit down with a friend and talk about real estate, market conditions, and explore current options available to you, whether you are considering buying, selling, or both, I am your friend in the business.

Rest assured, if you have questions that I cannot answer off the top of my head, I am completely comfortable telling you that I do not readily know the answer, but I have the resources, and will get you the information you need to make informed decisions.

I look forward to visiting with you soon.

Your friend,



"Giving You The Information...And Keeping You Informed!"

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    • Will I Qualify?
    • How Much Can I Afford?
    • Should I Refinance?
    • Estimate Payments
    • Should I Make Extra Payments?
    • Fixed or Adjustable?

The information here is a starting point to help you sort through some of your thoughts. Buyer's and Seller's situations vary and everyone's circumstance is unique. The market is ever changing and new information is continually coming down the pipeline. Let's make an appointment to visit and discuss your goals and objectives, and I can help you sort through the data and information so you can make informed decisions.

I am only a phone call away! Questions are always welcome, and inquiries are never viewed as a waste of time here at SRE.

Call me if you have any questions...

(916) 833-2686